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Why Does It Matter If the Company is Based Offshore or Onshore?

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

We cover all english speaking countries

#Academic Writing

Plagiarized Work - In order to complete as many assignments in as little time as possible, offshore writers frequently resort to handing out the same paper to multiple clients. Only work with companies who are willing to provide plagiarism reports free of charge.

Poor Quality - Little can be expected from writers who do not speak English natively, have little understanding of UK standards and society and low – if any - academic qualifications. The question you need to ask, despite the attractiveness of a cheap quote, is whether a qualified individual would spend so much time to prepare a paper to standard for that amount?

Work Not Delivered on Time or at All - Due to the high volume of work that offshore companies accept, your paper can be placed on the back burner or forgotten about entirely – you have no certainty that you will actually receive the essay you paid for and that it will be delivered in decent shape and in due time.

You Are Not Protected by UK Consumer Law. This exposes you to potential scams - When purchasing a sub-par product from a UK company, you can demand a refund or file a complaint with the appropriate state institutions. This protection, however, disappears in the case of offshore companies, who are not subject to UK Consumer Law, making it much easier for them to cheat you with impunity.

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